Fine Artist

Creations inspired by colors and shapes

I have had a strong interest in art since I was a child and my art paralleled my changing interests over time.

My junior high social teacher recognized my talent and had me recreate the cover of a Time magazine for his classroom. This was in the mid-sixties when cover art was filled with psychedelic images and bold colors, and this dominated my work at the time.

I graduated with an education degree majoring in art and later furthered my art studies with a graphic design diploma. My subject matter and presentation style for painting is quite diverse. I have been influenced by my work in the graphic design industry, resulting in a more controlled manner in painting.

I have shown my work at local galleries and had a painting selected for purchase at a juried show. Other sales have been through someone seeing my work on display.

Fine Artist

Ken Sagan is a Canadian fine artist and the owner of Ken Sagan Fine Art

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